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Hair Loss Facts

Experiencing hair loss? You are not alone, hair loss is a fairly common occurrence and can develop gradually over years. It can also happen abruptly depending on the underlying cause and may be temporary or permanent. That’s why it’s important to talk with a physician to find out if you are actually losing hair, just experiencing some normal shedding or have some other type of underlying health issue that’s causing your hair loss.

The Facts for Men:

  • Over 30 million American men are affected by hereditary hair loss
  • 40% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 35

Many men cite their most common reasons for pursuing hair replacement and restoration as:

    1. the fear of becoming bald, being concerned with looking much older than they are
    2. their overall perceived attractiveness
    3. the feeling of being less confident in many social settings, a dip in and/or loss of self-confidence.

The Facts for Women:

  • Over 20 million American women are affected by hereditary hair loss
  • Women actually make up 40% of American hair loss sufferers.

    In quality-of-life studies, women experiencing hair loss reported a higher incidence of behavior that interfered with their daily lives including:

    1. a significant loss of self-esteem
    2. being introverted
    3. feeling less attractive and tense feelings in public places

What Everyone Should Know:

  • More than 100,000 men and women (more than 50% of whom are between the ages of 29 and 40) undergo surgical hair restoration procedures each year.

  • The average person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day. Still concerned? We recommend the “tug test”: Hold around 15 to 20 hairs between your thumb and index finger and pull slowly and firmly. If more than six hairs come out, you might be starting to have a problem.

    The most common causes of hair loss are:

    • Heredity
    • Immune system imbalance
    • Side effect of drugs or medical treatments
    • Emotional condition that compels the patient to pull out their hair
    • The use of harsh hair products or aggressive styling methods