NeoGraft® Transplant Procedure

What is the NeoGraft procedure?

The NeoGraft procedure is an advanced, FDA-approved, highly successful transplant procedure that is minimally invasive. This procedure is performed in our office by our physicians and certified NeoGraft technicians.  During the procedure the technician uses the automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to precisely harvest the grafts, and then implants the grafts to the new area.  The advantage of using automated extraction instruments is that each graft is removed with the same consistency in diameter, lengths, and angles resulting in dramatically increased graft acceptance rate of 95 to 98%.

How does the NeoGraft transplant work?

Our team will perform the NeoGraft hair transplantation using local anesthesia. Our technicians will then use the NeoGraft hand-piece to gently extract individual micro hair grafts from the healthy hair-bearing area of your donor site. Each harvested graft will then be placed into the designated thinning or balding areas with each graft containing one to three individual hair follicles. Once your transplant is complete, you will be able to return home and resume your usual activity within a few days.

After approximately 2-3 weeks the transplanted hair will begin to shed. The hair will be released, but the follicle bulbs remain implanted. At approximately 4-6 months post-procedure you will experience the new growth. Final results become most significant between 9-12 months after the transplant.

We will be checking your progress post treatment regularly.

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The NeoGraft hair transplant procedure is available in Panama City, Santa Rosa Beach, Watersound, and Dothan AL.