The Benefits


Natural, Permanent Results. Wear your hair short or long!


No Sutures. No Linear Scar. NeoGraft® technology is unlike other invasive methods.


Experienced Physicians. Trained Technicians.


In-Office Procedure. Convenient for your schedule.


Little to No Discomfort.


Quick Recovery with Few Activity Limitations. Our patients typically return to normal daily activities after only a few days.


Works with Every Hair Type.


We know you’re busy, active and driven. That’s why the NeoGraft system was specifically designed with advanced precision to assist our trained physicians and certified NeoGraft technicians in replenishing your own hair.

The best part? NeoGraft is an in-office procedure, offering minimal downtime, with many patients quickly returning to work and social activities.


Hair loss can be an emotional and stressful part of life. There are many factors that can cause hair loss, and our Certified NeoGraft providers are committed to providing excellent care throughout your hair restoration journey. They will help uncover the cause of your hair loss, find the best solution to restore your hair and provide the follow-up care you need.


The benefits of this hair transplant and restoration procedure are life changing for many. Our goal is to help you restore a fuller, thicker head of hair, using your own natural hair. You, your family, friends and co-workers will be amazed at the difference NeoGraft transplantation makes. Our commitment is to help restore your hair loss quickly with as little interference in your daily activities as possible and discreetly, with no linear scarring.